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HSC Exam Result 2014 Bangladesh

HSC Exam Result 2014. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka was established on 7 May 1921 according to the recommendation of Sadler Commission. Intermediate colleges and high schools in Dhaka city and Islamic intermediate colleges and high madrasah of greater Bengal were under control of that board. An advisory board made by the director of public education department of greater Bengal was given the authority to govern the board.

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HSC Exam Result 2014

HSC Exam Result 2014

HSC Result 2014

HSC Exam Result 2014

HSC Result 2014

HSC Exam Result 2014

HSC Exam Result 2014 2014 mark sheet result is not published yet keep your eye continue this site for result. HSC AND ALIM RESULT 2014 mark sheet when published result I will get this result quickly and update this site. HSC AND ALIM RESULT 2014 mark sheet mark sheet more information and get result go to official website please click Dhaka Board Website

Now some information HSC AND ALIM RESULT 2014 mark sheet:
HSC Exam Result 2014
HSC Result 2014
HSC Exam Result 2013
HSC Exam Result 2014
This year, 10,12,581 examinees — 5,35,662 boys and 4,76,919 girls — from 7,803 educational institutions across the country will sit for the examinations at 2,288 centres under 10 education boards, including madrasa and technical boards.

The HSC exams will also be held at five overseas centres simultaneously for 165 candidates.

The number of examinees rose by 85,767 this year.

The written exams are scheduled to end on May 28.
HSC Exam Result 2014
The HSC exam 2014 began on Sunday, April 1 this year. The examinations were held in 2,288 centers across the country under 10 education boards including madrasa and technical boards.

Total Eight General Board published hsc result 2014 and marksheet

hsc result 2014 dhaka board

hsc result 2014 rajshahi board

hsc result 2014 chittagong board

hsc result 2014 Jessore board

hsc result 2014 comilla board

hsc result 2014 sylhet board

hsc result 2014 dinajpur board

hsc result 2014 barisal board

Bangladesh Technical education Board Published hsc vocational result 2014
HSC Exam Result 2014
HSC Result 2014
Hsc voc result 2014

Madrasa board published alim result 2014

Alim result 2014

So Technical, Madrasa and General total ten board published hsc / alim result 2012 18 July 2012 10:00 PM

Board wise hsc and alim candidate

HSC Exam Result 2014 mark sheet . Bangladesh Board of secondary and intermediate h s c , vocational and Amil total examiners  2012 two lak fifty two thousand eight hundred fifty one ( 252851 ) . examiners fifty thousand four hundred twenty three ( 50423 ) . Comilla board examiner twenty two thousand four hundred twenty three ( 22423 ) . Rajshahi board examiner forty one thousand eight hundred sixty seven ( 41867 ) . Jessore board examiners twenty eight thousand nine hundred eighty eight ( 28988 ) . Chittagong board examiners four thousand sixty seven ( 4267 ) . Sylhet board examiner two thousand seven hundred forty three ( 2743 ) . Barishal board examiners eighteen thousand five hundred eighty eight ( 18588 ) . Dinajpur board examiners twentyfour thousand seven hundred ninety three (24793 ) . BTEB Technical Education Board Result fifty eight thousand seven hundred sixty nine ( 58769 ) . H S C and Alim result 2012-2014 pulished 7 July 2012. H S C and Alim result 2014 & Vocational result 2012 , 2014 , 2014 , 2015 here available . hsc and Alim 2012 examination start 1st april and finished 20 may 2012 . HSC AND ALIM RESULT 2014 mark sheet given education board 19 July 2012

Check your results below.

HSC AND ALIM RESULT 2014 mark sheet get same system just you select your data fill up here
Hsc, alim and Technical Education Board result 2014 will be available here on as soon as it is published by the education board.
You can get hsc result 2014 as early as possible:
  • You can check hsc result 2014 in the official website. Thought published day the server often got jommed so there is little hope to get early hsc result 2014 though this procedure.
  • Check through SMS. All mobile operators of Bangladesh Support this feature. It is relatively faster way.
  • Procedure:Go to message option of your mobile.
    For HSC examinees: HSC<space>First 3 letters of your board<Space>Roll no<space>year and send to 16222.Example: hsc dha 122962 2012; where dha is the first three letters of education board and 131185 is the roll no. Never forget to mention the spaces between board name ,roll no and year.
    For alim result 2014 and hsc voc result 2012 technical board examinees:
    Alim mad rollno 2014 (for madrashah)
    hsc tech rollno 2014 (for technical)
  • A result sheet is also sent to your respective school, now a days it is a bit easy to get result when server is overloaded.

HSC Exam Result 2014

HSC Result 2014


HSC Exam Result 2014

HSC Examinatio 2013
HSC Exam Result 2014

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