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SSC New Center list 2014 Dhaka Board Bangladesh

History of Secondary and Higher Education in Bangladesh: From ancient times to the middle ages indigenous education was in vogue in this sub-continent. Primary education was home-centered followed by Madrasha and "Toll" (Higher education) education. Parsi, Sanskrit and pali languages were used as the medium of education. Education was based on practical needs along with religious education. With the coming of the British rule, the current education system based on practical needs developed

 SSC New Center list 2014 Dhaka Board

Dhaka Board SSC New Center list 2014

SSC New Center list 2014 Dhaka Board

The education system of Bangladesh is being managed and administered by two Ministries in association with the attached Departments and Directorates as well as a number of autonomous bodies. The two streams of education are: Primary education (Grade I-V) and Secondary and Higher Education (Grade VI and above). Ministry of Primary and Mass Education (MOPME) under a Secretary manages the primary education sector while the other stream i.e. from secondary to higher education is managed by Ministry of Education (MOE) headed by Secretary of its own. At the top a Minister and a State Minister is responsible for controlling the overall activities of both the Ministries. The post-primary stream of education is further classified into four types in terms of curriculum: general education, madrashah education, technical-vocational education and professional education. 
 SSC New Center list 2014 Dhaka Board
 SSC New Center list 2014 Dhaka Board
 SSC New Center list 2014 Dhaka Board

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