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Biochemic remedies

Biochemic remedies. Tissue remedies. Cell salts. Three different names for a group of twelve remedies that has stood the test of time when it comes to health through natural healing. It all began way back towards the end of the nineteenth century when a German physician, Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler wrote on article on his theory of biochemistry.

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Blood is composed of organic and inorganic substances which are essential to the process of tissue building. The organic matter comprises sugar, fatty and albuminous substances. The inorganic constituents are what are called tissue or cell salts, and water though present in minute quantities, these tissue salts use the organic salts and water for building the various body cells. Diseases caused by an imbalance in the assimilation or use of the essential (inorganic) materials that are required for the repair and maintenance of the myriad cells that are constantly being manufactured and breaking down.

A deficiency of any of the vital tissue salts causes a dysfunction in the body which gives rise to disease. In the simplest terms, biochemistry supplies such deficiency, in minute quantities, to allow the cells to absorb the salt and get the metabolism to normalcy.

Biochemic prescribing may be done in two ways. Firstly, on the basis of symptom similarity and secondly, by consulting a repertory that lists various remedies for various diseases, and differentiating points between the remedies.

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