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ANBRO Written Exam Result Download

ANBRO Written Exam Result Download


The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the central authority for tax administration in Bangladesh. Administratively, it is under the Internal Resources Division (IRD) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF). MoF has 4 Divisions, namely,
the Finance Division the Internal Resources Division (IRD), the Banking Division and the Economic Relations Division (ERD). Each division is headed by a Secretary to the Government. Secretary, IRD is the ex-officer Chairman of NBR. NBR is responsible for formulation and continuous re-appraisal of tax-policies and tax-laws in Bangladesh.


The main responsibility of NBR is to mobilize domestic resources through collection of import duties and taxes, VAT and income tax for the government. Side by side with collection of taxes, facilitation of international trade through quick clearance of import and export cargoes has also emerged as a key role of NBR. Other responsibilities include administration of matters related to taxes, duties and other revenue related fees/charges and prevention of smuggling. Under the overall control of IRD, NBR administers the excise, VAT, customs and income-tax services consisting of 3434 officers of various grades and 10195 supporting staff positions. The BPSC published very soon ANBRO Written Exam Routine and Seat Plan and ANBRO Written Exam Result.

ANBRO Written Exam Result:

The Ministry of Finance published ANBRO Written Exam held on 26th January 2013, and within very short time will be published ANBRO Written Exam Routine and Seat Plan. The exam of ANBRO of 26th January 2013, this date already declared of Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) then within very short time published ANBRO Exam Result. So all time to eye contain of this site. When ANBRO Written Exam Result published then you will get this site.

ANBRO Written Exam Result:

ANBRO Written Exam Routine and Seat Plan, ANBRO Written Exam held on 26th January, 2013 Only Dhaka Centre

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