Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Voter Registration Form Bangladesh

New Voter Registration Form Bangladesh Has been Published.

Voter Registration is also Ongoing:

Bangladesh Election Comission (http://www.ecs.gov.bd) Says:

"The polling centres that have been used in the past for local or parliamentary elections are being utilized in the voter registration process. However, some of the centres would not be used and instead, centres close to those areas may be used for registration activities. In order to find out the centre of your choices please select the Zilla (District) or City Corporation (any one) from the drop down box. Then click on the Upazilla/Thana to see the list of all the centres that are currently open. If the centres is not

Bangladesh Election Comission (BEC) www.ecs.gov.bd, Published New Voter Registration form. Download The New Form And Fill It to become Voter of Bangladesh.

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